I’m starting over again. I am recreating my site because in many ways, I have been starting over with my Web Dev career (again).

I’ve been doing simple websites using HTML & CSS since 1994/1995, when the web was the new internet toy. We used webpages mostly for centralizing technical documentation in our network monitoring centers @ AT&T.

Fast forward to 2005, and we’re doing the same thing (using proprietary wiki software) @ IBM, again to centralize documentation & training material for my technical teams (all working remotely) in the US, India, & Brazil.

Went I left IBM, I ventured into two new careers: 1) Licensed Massage Therapy, and 2) Web development. Most of my early sites were for friends just getting started with having their businesses on the web. As one of the requirements was that they would need to blog on their site. Content Management Systems were the way to go. I have mostly worked in WordPress for clients. But I’ve also learned JavaScript and AngularJS, and created my first site for a brick & mortar shop (a coffee shop called “Jitterbug Coffee Hop” in Salt Lake City.

Around 2016 a friend of mine got me going to coding meetups for the JS community. I loved the community of people, the camaraderie, and the many opportunities to learn (and DO) from senior JS Devs.

That same friend invited me to sign up for a Front End Engineering boot camp. I loved it! We had a classroom of 8, and we all played well together and learned various things like ReactJS, CSS3 & HTML5 (a refresher for me). We did code pairing, and worked on projects together like we were a coding shop. We used Agile methods, did stand-ups every morning, and got together for beer and conversation sometimes.

Some health issues got in the way of my finding a job, but I worked with others on local volunteer web projects, and kept trying. You may have heard that the JS Dev job market is quite male dominated, and over-40 folks like me had a particularly hard time getting 3rd interviews.

After some time off, I realized I could start taking my pension, and start taking social security. With my basic financial needs taken care of, along with my decent retirement medical benefits, I figured I could take only the work that I wanted to be involved with. Soon after I made that decision, the Director and another employee of the Utah Pride Center asked me to come work for them on a contract basis. I work 5 days a week, but only for 3-5 hours per day. And the pay helps too 🙂

Now I am ready to take on one or two additional projects, which brings us back to why I am restarting this site!

I’m looking forward to working with non-profits and small businesses to bring their websites up to modern standards, and to help them bring more traffic to their websites and in their doors.

Thanks for reading!

Joni Weiss

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